Hi! I'm Galaxy Littlepaws, a Programmer and Artist
based in the United States.

I love to be creative and learn new things.


Here you can see some of the websites and projects that I've worked on so far. I'm always adding new things!

Crystal Pony virtual pet website

Crystal Pony Virtual Pet

A virtual pet system for Second Life, and beyond. This project makes heavy use of APIs so that it can be used on any platform. The project is written with LSL, PHP, and mySQL. More recently merged into "Cute N Cuddly", an existing virtual pet system.

Artworktee store website


Artworktee is a store built on the Shopify engine that sells custom t-shirts, sticker, and phone cases among other items. I worked on this project as a frontend developer and worked on helping their rebrand shine. They saw a sharp increase in loading speed and sales.

Autism Gaming Initiative Website

Autism Gaming Initiative

The Autism Gaming Initiative is a group of gamers who raise funding for autistic-led charities that are proven to make a difference in the lives of autistic people of all ages and genders. This rewrite was done in Eleventy, and used Bootsrap and JQuery.

About Me

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What do I do?

I work in software and game development. I am a fullstack developer. I have worked on projects in PHP, Javascript, and LSL. I have also worked on projects using the Shopify engine, and Eleventy. More recently, I have been working with C# and .NET.

Who am I?

My most-used handle is Galaxy Littlepaws. It's a character I developed in Second Life: a small, very fluffy cat created out of magic and stardust.

I am someone who is heavily interested in virtual worlds, Virtual Reality, and I am currently working on developing a metaverse game. I work on virtual pets, and I'm the new owner of "Cute N Cuddly", a virtual pet system for Second Life.

I also love to work on making websites and building software. I prefer to use open-source software wherever possible, as I am a firm believer in the strength that comes from everyone working together toward a common goal.


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